Username b​/​w Silent Echoes

by Intrikit

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released December 31, 2016

Written & Produced By Intrikit; scratches by DJ Merf



all rights reserved


Intrikit Norwich, Connecticut

Emcee, Producer & DJ hailing from Connecticut. Groups involved with: BrokENviaments, DIM, Labeless Illtelligence, Loop Minded Individuals to name a few. Creating a new sound scape for the listener to enthrall themselves in & thought provoking lyrics has always been my mission. I am the ONE & ONLY: Intrikit. ... more

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Track Name: Username
Verse One:

I'm not a character you can pour yourself into /
reprise the influential .. never disposable like plastic utensils /
haven't reached peak potential .. down low in the valley of the jeep beats /
rally from the cheap seats .. push boundaries, god left incomplete /
noteworthy calligrapher .. firing on all cylinders /
I write vermicular .. that entrance the camped listener /
sub-stance ... equates to sustenance /
cause to much knowledge could never be gluttonous /
o.d. on the information ..
but take it like a grain of salt /
not every explanation got the same result /
it's not always safe in a vault /
lock down your identity
only to get reset to user defaults /
heard the renditions, overdue for renovations /
any reservations of taking my alter ego...
crumple that interpretation /
deep-six your podcast .. recycled trash from my space station /
bite into a York for support ..
still won't ever get that sensation /
ya staring into the abyss ..
long enough to get a glimpse of what you secretly wish /
you want allegiance .. when you're a knock off ..
what's ya reason for this? /
rudimentary on every level .. snatch the pebble from fist /
you know the name when the vocals transmit /
ideas intertwine .. to create a mental design that is...

Verse Two:

With so many trying to claim my identity /
I'll bash my own persona causing a hematoma to reach clones systemically /
if it ain't Enviamentally Fresh ya been duped /
check for Broken, Labeless, check DIM, check Loop!
shoulda checked who comes correct with the usage of that moniker / biters get chin checked and kept under the desk like Monica / cocksuckers even duplicated the spelling!?! /
you can copycat but the simple fact is your arts not compelling /
from Phoenix to Florida to this euro schmuck, you all suck /
when Ink constructs I conduct infinity gems like the homie A-Plus / Chuck's the one & only aside from them breaker boys from Canada / big up Hands'Solo, T.Dot and all area /
name dropping is not a lane often used /
but to separate myself from you ..
lemme prove what best describes this muse /
intricate: having many complexly interrelating parts or elements / Merriam's definition that embodies what I am & represent /
yeah, I checked ya shit and none of y'all give credence to the namesake /
think they've lost the narrative .. it's imperative that you all about face /
I see it going on a lot in this digi-age, there's no excuses /
replicants confused why neural fibers give way to desires so lucid / truth is, y'all scared of anonymity .. mirror styles .. you swear they came to you as a epiphany